Blogs & Podcasts of Note

Please visit these great Blogs and Podcasts!

General Blogs:

– To visit my beautiful wife’s blog, please visit:

or her healthy lifestyle blog –

– For a fascinating and often humorous insight into life from someone with Asperger’s syndrome, please visit:

Spirituality Blogs:

A Leaf in Springtime– This a wonderful blog that according to the author, “attempts to tackle big issues, world issues, life issues – all from the perspective of a simple housewife. Mostly, it hopes to capture all that is beautiful in the world today and celebrate the goodness in all of us”. And she does exactly what she intends to do in a wonderfully refreshing, insightful, and honest way.

Zen Being– For a refreshingly honest blog on Buddhism.

The First Gates– This blog runs the gambit from book reviews, current events, and spiritual topics. I love the eclectic nature of the blog, and it is well written, and extremely insightful.

Fierce Buddhist– This blog is primarily composed of Haiku poems, that are simply amazing. I love the author’s talent, and how much wisdom and insight he manages to squeeze into poems that are a mere 3 lines long.

A Year of Living Wisely– This blog documents the author’s reactions to the podcast “Zencast“, and her strives to live an insightful and engaged life. I love the author’s honesty, as well as her takes on life and spiritual practice.

Figments of a Duchess– This blog is an eclectic mix of various topics dealing with life in general, and spiritual practices. I enjoy the writer’s insightful takes on life and spirituality.

Through the Healing Lens- This is a wonderful photo blog, where the author uses the medium of photography to document life, and her insights.

Madness in the Right Direction– This is a blog by my friend Cole, and covers Freemasonry and the Western Mystery Tradition.

Musings Along the Road Less Taken– This is a great blog from my friend Jason Eddy, which is full of wonderful poetry, and articles on living a spiritually filled life.

Esoteric Hyperbole– This is a great website covering esoteric and spiritual topics. I really enjoy the author’s unique insights.

Engaged Dharma– A great resource on Dharma teachings.

The Search for Enlightenment- This is a wonderful blog on Buddhism, and one person’s search for enlightenment.

Dr. Bill Wooten – This is a wonderful blog, with full of wonderfully uplifing, insightful, and inspirational messages for those on the path of personal/spiritual development.

Active Lifestyle Blogs:

The Art of Manliness– For all things manly and living an active life, please visit my friend Brett McKay’s wildly successful blog at

Great Podcasts:

For my absolute favorite Podcast, please visit Buddha at The Gas Pump, which features Rich Archer’s interviews with everyday people who have undergone various levels of awakening:

For a wonderful podcast involving general Buddhism and Dharma teachings, as well as for a great resource site, please visit:

Fantastic Websites:

For a great website/community where spiritual seekers of all faiths, backgrounds, and viewpoints discuss various topics involving faith, religion, spirituality, and life in general, please visit: (My Username is: JasonLivingNow).

*** Please Note *** I will try and keep this list up-to-date with working links. However, if you find a bad link, or a no-longer active site, please let me know! 😀

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