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Introduction To Spiritual Development

A lifetime covers a relatively brief period of time, yet few people choose to live life to the fullest and earnestly seek spiritual development during their lives. In today’s busy and self-centered society, we are too often more concerned with the newest fashion trend, electronic gadget, celebrity faux pa, or work debacle than our personal spiritual well being and development. The most important goal that people should focus on during their walk down the path of life is their own personal spiritual development, which is gaining an understanding of your true self, the world around you, and most importantly developing a personal and meaningful relationship with the mystery that many people simply call God.

Before you can begin your path towards spiritual development, you must be able to distinguish truth from fact. This might seem trivial, but distinguishing between truth and fact is vitally important. Fact is something that can be proven, it is quantifiable. Someone can tell you that the temperature outside is 98 degrees Fahrenheit, and you could go outside with a thermometer and prove that it is indeed 98 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so therefore it would be a fact. Truth on the other hand, is something that cannot be proven. Truth is something deeply personal, and therefore, cannot be measured. We know that it is true that there are differences between good and evil, because we can feel the difference, but there is no machine that can measure the difference between good and evil. The most important truth is love, and because love is a truth, it cannot be measured. Every person loves someone else, whether it be their parents, spouse, children, co-workers, friends etc; however, there is no way to measure the amount of love that you have, and thereby prove that you love someone. We just know love because we feel it; we experience it on a deeply personal level.

During your journey you will discover the Divine Truth that you are a unique creation of God, yet you are interrelated with all of God’s creations. You will also discover that God is pure love, pure light, and pure joy; because of this, every part of creation is a reflection of God’s love. God has created all of creation, and especially humans, to commune in this ultimate love that surrounds us. We can be stubborn and foolish and reject God’s love and live a life of pain and suffering, yet his love is still present all around us. In order to accomplish direct communion, God has instilled in every sentient being (every living thing) a divine spark. The divine spark is what unites God with his creations; we humans simply call this divine spark our soul. The human soul is composed of our true self and acts as a direct line of communion with God.

In order for you to develop yourself spiritually, you must make a conscious effort to travel along the path towards spiritual development. This can be accomplished by simply taking a few moments out of each day to reflect upon yourself and God. By going inward, and reflecting on yourself, you will begin to master your inner (true) self which will then enable you to establish a solid spiritual foundation, which you can then use to develop a personal relationship with God. By studying and reflecting on God you will find the Divine Truth which God has sent to humanity through the various world religions and numerous spiritual teachers in order to light our way on the path towards spiritual development.

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